Below are a number of recent clients comments:

"I would just like to say thank you for your products. I don't think I could survive without the wood flour and whitening chalk powder!! It makes our preparation so much easier and we have great results!
Kirsten McColl Langbridge April 2017

"What a great product, the Itch buster product has worked wonders on my cob, he has suffered from mites for the last  three years  and since buying him in August last year I have tried many different products to help him with no success and even paying out a fortune for vet injections every two weeks which just didn't make any difference.I'm so grateful that a friend recommended Heavy Horse Leg Oil Supplies and I spoke to Sarah on the phone about my horse's constant itch that was driving him mad. I had to shave all his lovely feathers off which was a task in itself. Sarah recommended Itch buster oil which was easy to apply and has been good value for money and I'm so pleased he's not suffering any more. Now other horse owners in our yard have asked me to get supplies for them as they have seen the great improvement in my horse. Its been such a relief to find something that has actually worked."
Ms Mandy Wilkinson March 2013

"I wish Leg Oil Paste had been on the market 50 years ago. Tremendous product that stays in the horses legs much longer with a tremendous conditioning effect. Saves me loads of work with no waste"
Mr P Moss, Cheshire

"Thank you for the oil, Jack's legs are looking better already!"
Ms D Newland, Cambs

"I would like you to know how pleased I am with the leg oil. My friesians have stopped stamping and so has my driving cob. The oil washes out easily and leaves no stain - very important when doing weddings! Thank You."
Ms J Deaville, Cheadle

"Just to let you know after just one week the back of my horse's scabby knees are remarkably much better having cleared up on one completely and just a little remaining on the other. It may sound obvious but why don't more people know about this remedy? Can't vets recommend it? We owners spend a considerable amount of money with them on steroid creams etc. You really should get yourself known to a wider audience!!"
Mr C Saw

"How many other readers have cobs that suffer flaky bleeding skin at the back of their knees or other skin complaints elsewhere on the legs? Well I have struggled for two years using different remedies and then came across Heavy Horse Leg Oil Supplies selling Leg Oil Mix and other products, which are blended by people who have kept horses for generations, and who have kept improving remedies first blended by their fore-fathers. I am pleased to say this oil has worked on my mare to such an extent that I wanted to share my recent find with other readers."
Letter in the Horse and Hound

"Thank you very much for getting back to me, I just wanted to check that it was ok to use on the mares, as they had foals at foot, its very nice to know it is safe to use and no chemicals. We are very pleased with this product and have seen the results wihin days of using it, we have also used it on a shetland pony with sweet itch, and its the very first year she still has a full mane and tail."
Ms Lisa Walker